We provide employment counsel when companies need it.

Effective in-house employment counsel solutions.

Many companies, particularly small to mid-size and emerging companies do not have in-house employment counsel. Sapir Schragin fills that void. We partner with our employer clients by providing employment law general counsel services. Our strategic, legal and business counseling ensures that your employment and business needs are met. We work with the appropriate people in your organization to make sure that your business is fully compliant with the law.

Workplace Investigations.

Sometimes investigations are too sensitive to handle internally. It may involve senior executives or sensitive subject matter or the Company may want to avoid any impression of partiality. When that happens, call the attorneys of Sapir Schragin who have extensive experience conducting independent investigations on behalf of companies involving claims of discrimination, harassment, misconduct, bullying, or wrongdoing on the part of executives or employees.

Call us when you need our expertise.

We provide our clients with efficient, cost-effective solutions for their human resources needs.

We will:

  • Advise on appropriate handling of requests for leaves of absence and accommodations
  • Advise on personnel decisions, including hiring, promoting and firing employees
  • Assist management in effectuating restructurings and reorganizations
  • Assist management with their response to employee disciplinary matters and discrimination complaints, investigations, and agency audits
  • Assure compliance with employment-related laws and regulations
  • Create compliant and practical personnel policies
  • Conduct audits of the company‚Äôs human resources department
  • Conduct training for managers, supervisors and human resources employees on prevention of unlawful harassment and discrimination
  • Investigate employee complaints to ensure a proper response to charges of discrimination
  • Manage leaves of absence and requests for accommodations
  • Prepare written reports of audit findings and recommendations as to human resources best practice

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