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Employees should be paid for overtime work

Wage and hour law is ever-changing and complicated. Many employees don’t fully understand what laws protect them and when they are not being properly paid. Many employees are too scared to speak up for fear of retaliation and losing their jobs. That is where we come in. We will be your voice and advocate to get you the wages you have earned.

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you need us!

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Common overtime violations:

  • Being misclassified as a salaried non-exempt employee to avoid being paid overtime
  • Employer not paying overtime to salaried employees because they are “salaried” and claiming that “salaried” employees are not entitled to overtime
  • Being told your overtime work was not authorized
  • Being paid straight time for overtime work instead of being paid at time and a half
  • Not being paid for work done outside of normal working hours (“Off-the-clock” work)
  • Failing to count all hours worked (i.e., being instructed not to put any overtime hours on your time sheets)
  • Not paying for training time
  • Not paying for time spent preparing for the work day
  • Combining work weeks to avoid paying overtime

Success Story: Misclassified Restaurant Manager Filed Suit to Obtain Unpaid Wages

Situation: Restaurant worker misclassified as manager was not paid proper minimum wage and overtime for years.
Solution: Initially wrote a demand letter to employer setting forth the employee’s claims and potential damages. When settlement negotiations reached an impasse, we filed a lawsuit on behalf of the employee.
Result: Settled the case on behalf of employee who obtained a large portion of the monies that he was owed for years of underpaid, loyal service to the restaurant.

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