Employment Counsel When Companies Need It!

Effective in-house employment counsel solutions

Many companies, particularly small to mid-size and emerging companies do not have in-house employment counsel. Sapir Schragin fills that void by partnering with our employer clients and providing employment law general counsel services. Our strategic, legal and business counseling ensures employment and business needs are met while making your business is fully compliant with the law.

Workplace Investigations

Sometimes investigations are too sensitive to handle internally. It may involve senior executives or sensitive subject matter, or the Company may want to avoid any impression of partiality. Sapir Schragin has extensive experience conducting independent investigations on behalf of companies involving claims of discrimination, harassment, misconduct, bullying, or wrongdoing on the part of executives or employees.

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Avoid Misunderstandings With Clear, Balanced Contracts

Clear, fair contracts save time and money

Clear, unmistakable employment agreements spell out pay and benefit offers while explaining rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities for both employer and employee. At Sapir Schragin, we write realistic, balanced contracts that employees can easily understand and that communicate the employer’s parameters providing guidelines for handling contingencies.

Well-crafted means customized to each situation

A well-crafted agreement should be tailored to the specific employee and the position for which he or she is being hired. For example, in some instances, geographic location and anticipated travel may be essential contract requirements, while in others, the ability to work from home is critical.

Well thought-out employment agreements anticipate complications

A solid contract covers every plausible contingency that may arise during an individual’s employment and post-employment. When such a contract is signed, Employers can be confident that they have anticipated and planned for all contingencies, particularly the negative or risky ones.

Non-compete clauses offer protection

Thoughtful non-compete arrangements balance the employee’s right to earn a living against the employer’s need to protect their intellectual property. A good contract specifies what must be protected and establishes penalties for theft of information.

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Employee Handbooks: Important Management Tools

Employee handbooks and policy & procedure manuals

Virtually every aspect of the relationship between employers and employees is governed by some statute, regulation, contract, or principle of law. Every business is required to have written rules and regulations governing the employee experience in their company. Sounds simple, but frequent enactment of new employment laws makes it difficult to keep your handbooks and manuals up to date. Sapir Schragin creates employee handbooks for a myriad of businesses and keeps our clients up to date with and new or updated employment laws.

Hybrid offices and out-of-state remote workers require handbook updates

We work with our clients to prepare and update employee handbooks tailored to their specific needs and industry requirements. With the proliferation of remote work during and after the pandemic, many companies’ handbooks are noncompliant. We help you add coverage for the different states from which your remote employees work.

An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure

We firmly believe that a well-crafted employee handbook and sound employment policies and practices will ensure compliance with employment and labor laws and help to preempt disruptive and costly employment disputes.

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Employment Law Litigators That Are Experienced, Resourceful and Pragmatic

We resolve employment-related claims

Sapir Schragin defends employers against a wide range of employment law, discrimination, non-compete and wage and hour disputes. Our attorneys are thorough and effective litigators with a long track record of success. We appear regularly in state and federal courts and before administrative agencies and have litigated almost every type of employment law claim.

Litigation tools to help employers reach their goals

Sapir Schragin goes the extra mile to make sure we understand your business, how litigation will impact your business and how we can help you achieve your goals. We work together as a team with our clients to create optimal outcomes in the most cost-effective and efficient manner possible. If settlement is in the best interest of our client, we work toward a successful settlement. When settlement is not in the best interest of our client, we carefully craft a strategy aimed at achieving dismissal on motion practice or victory at trial.

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Wage & Hour Compliance

Avoid wage and hour claims by being prepared

Wage and hour claims by employees are on the rise. The cost in time and dollars can be immense. Our experienced wage and hour attorneys are the best defense a company can have against such charges. We perform regular compliance audits, offer counsel on such issues as exemption classification, off-the-clock hours, ‎and payroll expense planning and control, and settle disputes when they arise. We frequently defend employers before the National Labor Relations Board and the Department of Labor.

Wage & hour laws change constantly

Constant changes in wage and hour law can trip up even the most prepared company. Sapir Schragin keeps our employer clients up to date on changes in federal and state laws. We explain how recent court decisions affect employers in the Hudson Valley and Greater New York.

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We answer questions about

  • Collective action certification
  • Compensatory time off
  • Exemption classification
  • Independent contractor classification
  • Minimum wage
  • Off-the-clock, on-call and other hours-worked disputes
  • Unpaid overtime
  • Record keeping requirements
  • Tip credits and tip payment practices
  • Travel time pay

Success Story: Fighting DOL wage and hour audit

Situation: A company audited by the Department of Labor for wage and hour violations wanted the findings against them dismissed or their fine reduced.
Solution: We looked to defend the company in the most efficient and economically sensible way.
Result: Based on our research and interviews with people in the company, we were able to cut their fine by 50 percent.

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