When you need personal time off from work or medically-based workplace accommodations, we can help.

When your medical needs conflict with work priorities you need us.

Addressing disabilities and medical issues in the workplace is one of the most complex areas of employment law. Balancing workers’ rights and needs with the rights of employers to continue to run their business can be difficult. Decisions are further complicated by the myriad of intersecting federal, state and local laws governing disabilities, medical issues, and leaves of absence.

We represent people just like you.

We represent people who have had their careers and their futures placed in jeopardy because their employers denied them their legal rights. We help employees denied the full extent of their family or sick leave rights, or who have experienced retaliation for asserting them.

A disability should not be a barrier to work.

We help employees get the workplace accommodations they need to help them do their jobs despite their disabilities. When companies refuse to engage in the interactive process or to provide accommodations we will step in and get you the relief you need.

Let us help you assess your needs, navigate the legal complexities that complicate these decisions, and achieve a positive outcome.

Call us if your personal needs and work responsibilities conflict.

We can help if:

  • You have not been granted a leave of absence
  • You have experienced negative treatment or termination for having taken leave or requested accommodations
  • You have been denied accommodations to allow you to work despite a disability

Success Story: Employee Required a Medical Accommodation

Situation: Employee had a medical condition which made it difficult for her to commute to work each day. Her employer denied an accommodation which would have allowed her to work at an office location closer to her home.
Solution: We filed an EEOC Charge on her behalf alleging failure to accommodate her disability and engaged in an EEOC mediation.
Result: Client was provided the accommodation. Her office location was moved. Since then, she has been successfully working for the Company and her medical condition has improved.

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