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Whether beginning or ending an employment relationship, you should not negotiate alone. Sapir Schragin guides its clients through the process to provide peace of mind when they are faced with seemingly onerous contract provisions. We understand the intent behind contract language. Items that may seem unimportant may be very significant to one’s future, and conversely, seemingly significant phrases may not add up to much. We review every document with an eye to protecting our client’s rights and interests.

Details matter in employment agreements

Being hired is an exciting time and often the fine print is overlooked. We review and negotiate employment agreements and contracts to ensure our clients receive the most favorable terms regarding compensation, incentives, equity, severance benefits, restrictive covenants, duties and responsibilities, as well as termination protections.

Details matter in severance and separation agreements

Terminated employees may be presented with an agreement that contains waivers releasing the employer from liability of any claims an employee may have against the company. It may contain promises the employee must make (i.e., confidentiality, non-disparagement, non-competes and non-solicitations) in order to obtain severance compensation. Many employees believe that they must sign these agreements as presented. This is not true. You are not required to sign any separation or severance agreement without first consulting an attorney.

If you are presented with an employment agreement or a severance/separation agreement, call us before signing the agreement or talking to the employer. Let us determine your rights, claims against an employer and suggest the best possible course of action.

Medically-Based Workplace Accommodations or Personal Time-Off

When medical needs conflict with work priorities

Addressing disabilities and medical issues in the workplace is one of the most complex areas of employment law. Balancing workers’ rights and needs with the rights of employers to continue to run their business can be difficult. Decisions are further complicated by the myriad of intersecting federal, state and local laws governing disabilities, medical issues, and leaves of absence. Sapir Schragin can help navigate these nuances to ensure an employee’s rights are protected.

We represent people just like you

We represent people who have had their careers and their futures placed in jeopardy because their legal rights have been denied by employers. We help employees denied the full extent of their family or sick leave rights, or who have experienced retaliation for asserting them.

A disability should not be a barrier to work

We help employees get the workplace accommodations they need to help them do their jobs despite their disabilities. When companies refuse to engage in the interactive process or to provide accommodations we will step in and get the relief needed.

Let us help you assess your needs, navigate the legal complexities that complicate these decisions, and achieve a positive outcome.

Call us if your personal needs and work responsibilities conflict.

Employees Deserve a Harassment-Free Work Environment

Harassment is illegal

Conduct which contributes to a hostile work environment is a violation of an employee’s right to feel safe on the job. It is illegal to harass a person because of their protected, personal characteristics. It is also illegal to create a sexually unwelcome work environment, or any work environment that condones offensive remarks or conduct. We have built our reputation protecting employees from unlawful sexual and other harassment.

Everyone is entitled to a comfortable work environment

When an employee becomes uncomfortable because of harassment at work, it is important to report it to a supervisor or human resources department. If the company’s employee handbook has a policy for reporting harassment, it should be followed. It is illegal for companies to retaliate against employees who complain about harassment, or who report harassment to government agencies. We can guide you through this process.

Call us if you have been harassed or retaliated against.

We Can Help You Get Paid Properly

Employees should be paid for overtime work

Wage and hour law is ever-changing and complicated. Many employees don’t fully understand what laws protect them and when they are not being properly paid. Many employees are too scared to speak up for fear of retaliation and losing their jobs. That is where we come in. We will be your voice and advocate to get you the wages you have earned.

If the answer is “YES” to any of these questions, you need us!

Call us if you have a question about your wages.

Retaliation Protection

Protections against discrimination & harassment complaints

The anti-discrimination laws make it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination or harassment. Common retaliatory acts include firing, demoting, harassing, or otherwise subjecting the employee to conduct designed to discourage them from filing a complaint.

Truth-tellers / Whistleblowers

Companies regularly strike back at individuals who tell the truth about them. Whistleblowers are often retaliated against, fired, demoted or given an undesirable job. We defend whistleblowers who go public with information their companies want to keep private.

These are not easy cases. The best defense for whistleblowers, therefore, is an employment lawyer who knows these laws, their benefits and their limitations, and is able to step in and protect the person from retaliation.

Call us if you have a question about whistleblower protections.

Whistleblowers expose companies they think are committing fraud or endangering the public. For example,

  • A scientist reveals that research has been faked
  • An employee complains about discrimination or harassment
  • A manager reveals environmental laws that are being ignored
  • A finance officer reveals falsified numbers
  • A health care worker complains about improper billing or patient care
  • An employee reports conduct that endangers public health and safety

Success Story: Whistleblower’s settlement protected his income and health insurance while he was unemployed

Situation: Employee of pharmaceutical company was terminated for complaining about potentially illegal sales and marketing practices.
Solution: Worked with the client to analyze the impact of his employment termination and his potential damages, and also, the impact that public litigation would have for the company. Submitted a demand letter on his behalf and worked with counsel for the employer to negotiate a settlement of his claims.
Result: Negotiated a favorable settlement which provided needed income and health insurance during his transition period to new employment.

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