Avoid Misunderstandings With Clear, Balanced Contracts

Clear, fair contracts save time and money

Clear, unmistakable employment agreements spell out pay and benefit offers while explaining rules and regulations, rights and responsibilities for both employer and employee. At Sapir Schragin, we write realistic, balanced contracts that employees can easily understand and that communicate the employer’s parameters providing guidelines for handling contingencies.

Well-crafted means customized to each situation

A well-crafted agreement should be tailored to the specific employee and the position for which he or she is being hired. For example, in some instances, geographic location and anticipated travel may be essential contract requirements, while in others, the ability to work from home is critical.

Well thought-out employment agreements anticipate complications

A solid contract covers every plausible contingency that may arise during an individual’s employment and post-employment. When such a contract is signed, Employers can be confident that they have anticipated and planned for all contingencies, particularly the negative or risky ones.

Non-compete clauses offer protection

Thoughtful non-compete arrangements balance the employee’s right to earn a living against the employer’s need to protect their intellectual property. A good contract specifies what must be protected and establishes penalties for theft of information.

Call us when you need help drafting employment agreements.

We can help you with:

  • Employment Agreements
  • Confidentiality and NDA Agreements
  • Dispute Resolution Agreements
  • Equity and Incentive Award Agreements
  • Restrictive Covenant Agreements
  • Severance and Separation Agreements

Success Story: How we help employers with their contract needs: Streamlined onboarding and termination agreements to meet current company needs

Situation: Business was purchased and new owners wanted to review and revise all their onboarding and termination agreements.
Solution: Worked with the client to review all existing agreements and make the necessary revisions and recommendations to ensure compliance with current law and needs of the business.
Result: Client was able to streamline their onboarding and termination procedures with up to date and effective agreement templates in place.

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