We protect employees facing retaliation.

There are protections against complaining about discrimination and harassment.

The anti-discrimination laws make it illegal to retaliate against employees who complain about discrimination or harassment by firing, demoting, harassing, or otherwise subjecting them to conduct which would discourage an employee from such conversations.

We defend truth-tellers.

Companies regularly strike back at individuals who tell the truth about them. Whistleblowers are often retaliated against, fired, demoted or given an undesirable job. We defend whistleblowers who go public with information their companies want to keep private.

These are not easy cases. The best defense for whistleblowers, therefore, is an employment lawyer who knows these laws, their benefits and their limitations, and is able to step in and protect the person from retaliation.

Call us if you have a question about whistleblower protections.

Whistleblowers expose companies they think are committing fraud or endangering the public. For example,

  • A scientist reveals that research has been faked
  • An employee complains about discrimination or harassment
  • A manager reveals environmental laws that are being ignored
  • A finance officer reveals falsified numbers
  • A health care worker complains about improper billing or patient care
  • An employee reports conduct that endangers public health and safety

Success Story: Whistleblower’s settlement protected his income and health insurance while he was unemployed

Situation: Employee of pharmaceutical company was terminated for complaining about potentially illegal sales and marketing practices.
Solution: Worked with the client to analyze the impact of his employment termination and his potential damages, and also, the impact that public litigation would have for the company. Submitted a demand letter on his behalf and worked with counsel for the employer to negotiate a settlement of his claims.
Result: Negotiated a favorable settlement which provided needed income and health insurance during his transition period to new employment.

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