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We Are Problem Solvers, Effective Negotiators & Successful Litigators

Because we work with both employers and employees, we appreciate each side’s point of view and understand the context of disagreements. We successfully cut through rhetoric, and move forward to an equitable resolution for both sides.

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Employment Laws Are Important To You and To Us

Application of local, state and national employment laws impact individuals’ livelihood, careers and well-being and can play an important role in a companies’ growth. Our clients include those affected by these ever-changing laws, from executives to hourly workers to large and small businesses.

We Empower:

Employees who are victims of discrimination and harassment to stand up for their rights.

Employees who lose their jobs to maintain their financial security.

Employers to comply with the law to create productive and happy work forces.

Employers to defend and protect their business and personnel practices against litigation.

Learn About Our Reputation For Yourself

Most clients find us through recommendations from other attorneys or former clients. Many take the time to write recommendations so that those reading here can get a sense of who we are and what we do.


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